Empty public_html/ folder?


I downloaded the 'Save Sticker' add-on, because we wanted to try it, but it seems that the public_html folder in the zip is empty. So yeah, is it me or is it a wrong zip?
LOL, it's not just you. The vqmod was missing in it,  my mistake.
I refreshed the package, try now. :)
Yes indeed, it's added now. Works neat, nice feature to have :) Thanks!
Is this compatible with 1.3.6? I get discount written over NEW title.

Hi NejcZ,

it is compatible, you just need to adjust the styling which you copied into the stylesheets (as stated in the readme-file), and then you're good to go!
Indeed, there was a problem with my FTP transfer of styles, got it wrking now. Thanks! :)
I'm glad you sorted it out!
I downloaded my version is 1.3.3 but is not working y?
It clearly says: Compatible Versions: 1.3.6, 1.3.7

I don't know if older versions will or will not work, I got a modified 1.3.5 running and it works. What does and what does not work? With this much information we can't answer your question at all.
Guru see if vqmod logged some errors in /data/errors.log. You may wanna open the vqmod in notepad and confirm the matching criteria. Probably small adjustments are needed.