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This is a package of Apache2 handlers to automatically compile and minify LESS/SCSS/CSS/JS. It is intended to be used with LiteCart 2.0+ when making changes to LESS or JS files and automatically update the minifed versions.

Just access a file by it's URL. Depending on the extension the following actions will be performed.

.min.css - Generate and return compressed .min.css file from a .less, .scss or .css file.
.css - Generate and return an uncompressed .css file from a .less or .scss file.
.min.js - Generate and return a compressed .min.js from a .js file.

Accessing /path/to/css/file.min.css will attempt the following detection order:

1. Update /path/to/css/file.min.css from /path/to/less/file.less and return the updated content.
2. Update /path/to/css/file.min.css from /path/to/scss/file.scss and return the updated content.
3. Update /path/to/css/file.min.css from /path/to/css/file.css and return the updated content.
4. Return /path/to/css/file.min.css the way it is.

In Chrome when displaying a page. Use Ctrl + F5 to force refresh all components and flush browser cache. CloudFlare users should turn off CDN cache. That's pretty much it.

Note: This package is a performance drainer and is not intended to be used in a production environment. Use in a development environment where the minified versions are instead deployed (copied) to production.

Dependencies that are embedded with this add-on are:
JShrink -
Less.php -

And.. yes! Map files are generated from LESS sources (not supported in SCSS).

Price: Free


[+] Developer Kit

Compatible Versions: 2.0
The package may be compatible with more versions than listed. Contact the author for more information.


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