PayPal Express Checkout

To use this addon you must go to PayPal Developer, then log in with your PayPal account, and then create a new app(lication) from REST API apps section. Give that app a good, descriptive name, like "My Shop's Express Checkout".

After that application is created, you can immediately see credentials for Sandbox and Live (that is: production) modes. This LiteCart addon requires Client ID, which you'll find in the app details. Client ID is different for Sandbox and for Live mode, same with the Secret.

To start accepting real money, configure the LiteCart addon so that it has testing mode disabled, and that your Live mode's Client ID is correct.

This addon comes with a small vQmod. It adds to each Edit Order page, where PayPal Express Checkout was used as a payment method, a simple button. By clicking that button you can see what PayPal thinks about that specific order. To use that vQmod you need to go to PayPal Developer and fetch from your app settings the Secret code for Live (production) mode. That code, or key, should be saved in the addon's settings.

Please let me know if you need assistance with this addon.

Sandbox vs Live:

If you test this addon in Sandbox mode, you might see that every... single... page... loads really slowly. That's just a feature, not a bug. PayPal loads really fast when it's in Live mode.


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[+] PayPal Express Checkout

Version 1.0 | Uploaded 14 Nov 2017 by kuopassa

First release of this addon.

Compatible Versions: 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2
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