SMS to customer

As LiteCart asks customers their (cell)phone numbers in checkout, that means it's easy to send for example status notifications and other text messages to customers. This addon uses's to it.

More specifically this addon uses BulkSMS' JSON REST API, which is currently in Beta phase. You can send directly from LiteCart's control panel new texts, and customers can reply to them. Your own cellphone number is not exposed, but the number that recipient sees is one that BulkSMS' uses. With this addon you can not only send texts, but also receive replies customers might have sent to you.

If you want to check if BulkSMS can deliver text messages to you, or to someone else's phone number, please use this tool:

This addon is in English, Swedish and Finnish. By default it's in English, and the latter two languages can easily be imported as they are the standard .csv format which LiteCart understands.

How to install this addon?

Upload the the contents inside folder public_html to your LiteCart installation, then install the vQmod. After that log in to your LiteCart control panel and open this addon's configuration page.

How to get API Token Id and API Token Secret?

Log in to, then click Advances Features, and then API Tokens. After that give a descriptive name to the Token name field, and click the blue button which says Create Token. Then copy the two values to this addon's Configuration page.

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[+] SMS to customer

Version 1.0 | Uploaded 9 Dec 2017 by kuopassa

First version of this addon.

Compatible Versions: 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2
The package may be compatible with more versions than listed. Contact the author for more information.






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