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Minimum Requirements: Apache2, MySQL 5.5+, PHP 5.3+
Recommended: Apache2, MySQL 5.7+, PHP 7+

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Latest Master Release: 2.0.2


Master Releases

  • [+] LiteCart 2.0.2 Download

    * Fix PHP warning in similar products when no matched products
    * Fix maintenance mode
    * Include self in hreflangs
    * Fix GetAddress change event fired upon keyup
    * Fix backtrace debug in error_handler and adjustments
    * Fix json warning when installing new modules.
    * Fix order copy email and notifications
    * Visual adjustments to box_product
    * Send store order copy in store language
    * Resolve URL /en as alias for /en/
    * Fix set previously hidden order comments to active
    * Fix GB postcode regexp
    * Fix cheapest shipping
    * Fix search product id
    * Fix options input/textarea default text
    * Fix problem with shipping module
    * Improve how code, gtin and sku are matched during search
    * Set order customer as guest when deleting customer account
    * Hide sort buttons if there are no products
    * Minor adjustments and improvements
    + Lithuanian language flag
    + Add support for supplier name when importing CSV
    - Remove United States territories from list of states

    See how to upgrade.

    Released Jul 4 2017
  • [+] LiteCart 2.0.1 Download

    + Add more charset options to csv tool
    + Add supplier_id to CSV import/export
    * Fix issue disabling sidebar parallax effect
    * Fix issues with add product when editing order
    * Fix Featherlight issue with missing event
    * Fix order comments height on mobile devices
    * Fix category not translated in product URL
    * Fix search page sometimes returns 0 matches
    * Fix syntax leading to an error in lib_cart
    * Fix sort by price in product listing
    * Fix order module method actions()
    * Fix attributes on product page
    * Fix fatal errors on PHP 5.3
    * Upgrade jQuery 3.2.1
    * Minor adsjustments

    Big thank you to everyone for reporting issues and providing feedback.

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Released May 5 2017
  • [+] LiteCart 2.0 Download

    Next generation LiteCart platform. A completely rewritten UI using a lightweight Bootstrap compatible CSS framework, a new checkout, some new features, and several components rewritten and improved.

    * New logotype
    * Changed License to CC BY-ND 4.0
    * Upgrade jQuery 3.1.1
    * Upgrade Fontawesome 4.7.0
    * Substituted some raster graphics to SVG
    * Upgrade Responsiveslides 1.55
    * Upgrade vQmod 2.6.1 compatibility and optimizations
    * Reference model rewritten
    * Reference objects rewritten
    * Change initiate/load behavior of ctrl_order
    * Module system rewritten
    * Admin template completely rewritten for new CSS framework
    * Catalog template completely rewritten for new CSS framework
    * Cart rewritten
    * Fix edit order currency value problem. Showed 3 decimals instead of 4.
    * Order Status Update Email Notification reconstructed
    * Fix tax ID formats
    + Normalize 5.0.0
    + Chartist 0.10.0
    + Featherlight 1.7.0 (Forked and rewritten for LiteCart)
    + Bootstrap compatible lightweight CSS framework using CSS Flexbox technology
    + Trim thumbnail space
    + Minified/uglified CSS compiled from LESS
    + Minified/uglified JS
    + Product page in a lightbox
    + Parallax scroll effect for sidebar
    + Country Reference Object
    + New Checkout
    + Add support for Foundation, Glyphicons and Ionicons (CDN) in draw_fonticon()
    + Order modules
    + Reset Password reconstructed
    + Slide captions per language
    + LESS sources
    + New product picker when editing order
    + Bad URLs detection
    + Interlaced thumbnails (optional)
    + Shipping phone
    + Add country Montenegro
    + Category Image Clipping Method
    + Supplier code
    + Pages CSV Import/Export
    - Removed jQuery Migrate
    - Removed Fancybox
    - Removed Select2 (Too heavyweight for such small benefit)
    - Removed jqPlot
    - Removed support for Internet Explorer 9 and older.
    - Removed functions deprecated in LiteCart 1.x
    - Remove support for old PHP mysql Extension (Not supported in PHP 7)
    - Order action modules (moved moved to Order modules)
    - Order success modules (moved moved to Order modules)
    - Customer mobile removed as not used

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Released Apr 17 2017
  • [+] LiteCart 1.3.7 Download

    + Compare database and platform version
    + Log checkout payment error
    + Support for tax by shipping address
    + Convert characters
    + Separate JS from head to foot
    * Fix preselect category
    * Fix tabs.js
    * Fix watermark didn't work if resampled (GD2)
    * Fix edit order add product with empty stock
    * Don't use json for tax checksum because UTF-8 only
    * Fix notice on login page if no redirect url
    * Fix cart notice
    * Fix bug 'dock' array when loading category
    * Fix bug datetime-local field
    * Fix bug save template settings
    * Fix calculation error in most sold products
    * Fix problem search orders in Firefox
    * Fix error reporter email sender
    * Fix regional settings screen
    * Fix form events create account
    * Fix form events edit account
    * Fix order comments
    * Adjust get address cache
    * vQmod simplifications
    * Fix auto decimals bug
    * Prevent category from mounting to self
    * Minor adjustments

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Updated jan 9 with hotfix.

    Released Dec 30 2016
  • [+] LiteCart 1.3.6 Download

    + Prevent multiple clicks on Confirm Order button
    + Option to delete category image
    + Trigger tab via URL anchor
    + CloudFlare IPCountry
    + Added more calculation methods to zone weight shipping module
    * Upgrade jQuery 1.12.4
    * Upgrade Fontawesome 4.6.3
    * Update Trumbowyg 2.1.0
    * Enable two extra decimals in form currency fields
    * Trumbowyg toolbar adjustments
    * Strip HTML tags from meta description when using short description
    * Require values for certain settings
    * Change default clipping method
    * Use geo zone, instead of coma separated list, for free shipping
    * Fix cart options price while swapping languages
    * Fix typo when check if module is enabled
    * Fix save comments although no payment module available
    * Fix date bug in Most Sold Products report
    * Fix delete translations
    * Fix session order object conflict
    * Fix issue with routes
    * Fix save tax id format when editing country
    * Fix some HTML 5 validation errors
    * Fix product attributes condition
    * Fix stones weight class decimals
    * Fix CSV import Mac format
    * Fix list of zones when editing customer
    * Fix csv import new category image
    * Minor adjustments

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Repacked 2016-08-30 for Softaculous

    Released Aug 31 2016
  • [+] LiteCart 1.3.5 Download

    ! Fix adjust stock decimal quantity
    + Shipping Modules Error Handler
    + Payment Modules Error Handler
    + Alternative shipping fee calculation method
    + Support for non-breaking space in currency
    + Support Apache 2.4 for mod_authz_core
    + Empty vqcache on clear cache
    + Orders date filter
    + Auto-decimals as optional setting
    + Support single quote as thousands sep
    + Custommer Code
    + Order Status Property: Archived
    + Filter orders by payment option
    * Upgrade Trumbowyg 2.0-beta8
    * Fix language error gross/net
    * Fix save country postcode format
    * Fix CSV charset conversion
    * Fix order action problem with PHP 7
    * Change detection for URL rewrite support
    * Adjust image compression
    * Optimize view stitching
    * Upgrade jQuery 1.12.3
    * Adjust customer service views
    * Extended slide captions length
    * Fix vqmod alias admin
    * Minor adjustments and improvements

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Released Apr 18 2016
  • [+] LiteCart Download

    + Log background jobs activity
    + Add dock to categories CSV import
    + Add order status to injected email parameters
    + Emulate missing $_SERVER variables
    + Customer modules validate() method
    + Add cache dependency: site
    + Validate charset
    + Validate system locale
    + GMail action button
    + Error Reporter Module
    ! Fix XSS vulnerability
    * Fix reset() shipping_address in ctrl_customer
    * Fix issue editing translations
    * Fix order update email subject translation error
    * Fix dock error notice while saving new page
    * Fix template settings problem with fixated navigation
    * Fix SE regional installation patch
    * Fix product groups error box_similar_products
    * Upgrade jQuery 1.12.0
    * Upgrade jQuery Migrate 1.3.0
    * Minor adjustments

    Upgraders from 1.3.4 can drop this release on top of the old files overwriting existing files. Upgrading from earlier versions read

    Released Feb 28 2016
  • [+] LiteCart 1.3.4 Download

    This release seems very much compatible with brand new PHP 7 - Let us know if you discover any issues.

    + Add shipping_tracking_id, payment_transaction_id to order email
    + Support for force cache
    + Limit free shipping to countries
    + Create account captcha
    + mb_http_output encoding (PHP 5.6 fix)
    + Search redirect to product if one match only
    + Customer status
    + CSV Import category images
    + Optional mount to category tree
    + Purchase price currency code
    + Order comments by author type
    + Verify cart for items during order_process
    + Product image checksum (prevent duplicates)
    + Add missing country Serbia
    + Category Google Taxonomy ID field (handy for the future)
    + Add registered trademark symbol
    + Add workaround for strftime (Windows)
    * Status radio buttons to toggle
    * Trim item quantity decimals
    * Fix fancybox-iframe width
    * Forum feed URL change
    * Always provide english option in translations
    * Most sold products report top 50 to unlimited
    * Improved all controllers reset functions
    * Fix lc_translations table utf16 key error
    * Fix problem disabling HTTP POST security via route param
    * vQmod optimizing
    * CSV Import products and categories improvements
    * Upgrade Fontawesome 4.5.0
    * Upgrade jqplot 1.0.8r1250
    * Fix CSV encode/decode charset conversions
    * Fix currency columns upon deletetion
    * Remove cURL in http_fetch as fsockopen is always available
    * Fix generated links behind proxy port 8080
    * Reduce session hijacking detection due to issues with iOS AJAX
    * Minor adjustments and improvements
    * Fix required shipping address postcode problem
    * Fix mount products to root
    * Fix SE regionalinstallation patch
    - Remove scroll-to-top on Checkout
    - Do not use catalog memory for reference objects in CSV import
    - Remove form fields hint param (we were not using it)
    - Remove unnecessary jqplot files
    - Remove Paypal payment module (due to partner termination)
    - Remove country Yugoslavia

    How to install see
    How to upgrade see

    Released Feb 6 2016
  • [+] LiteCart Download

    This update patches a problem with version 1.3.3 along with some more news and improvements.

    ! Fix problem with widgets
    + Select2
    + Select customer dropdown using select2 ajax
    * Fix currency by country-TLD
    * Fix issue with date timezone in cart
    * Fix jQuery fallback
    * Match firstname, lastname concatenated in search orders
    * Adjust add_to_cart animation dynamics
    * Minor adjustments
    * Rewrite addons widget cache
    * Rewrite discussion widget cache

    Upgraders from 1.3.3 can just drop the files on top of. Read if you are upgrading from an earlier version than 1.3.3.

    Released Oct 4 2015
  • [+] LiteCart 1.3.3 Download

    ! Fix XSS vulnerabilities (Thanks to
    * Fix order status icon on fresh installs
    * Fix currency format for removed currencies
    * Fix remove separated cart items
    * Fix customer information postcode
    * Fix UTF-8 decode bug Google Maps GetAddress
    * Hide zone from customer information if empty
    * Add shipping module to module translations
    * Fix identify language from country (TLD)
    * Fix Hreflang
    * Fix problem with checkbox options in cart
    * Improved order editor dynamics
    * Compatibility changes
    * Minor adjustments here and there
    - Replace .rowclass and substitute with nth-child
    - Remove country code FX as not a country
    - SCEditor
    + Trumbowyg 2.0-beta (Replacing SCEditor)
    + Send email order copy option for manual order
    + Customer reference object
    + Add support for customer login redirect URL
    + Support for select optgroup
    + Add GTIN to product page
    + Identify country from TLD

    See how to upgrade.

    Released Sep 29 2015

Automatic Installation

Install LiteCart using Softaculous Auto Installer. Automatic upgrades are supported. Softaculous is also available on many web hosts world wide.

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. means removed
* means changed
! means critical

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