Customer info depending on payment metod

Is it possible to change the needed customer info depending on payment metod?

If a customer choose bankgirot then he should need to fill in

But if he choose Svea Ekonomi Faktura he should only need to fill in
Social security number
On a short basis no. Because the chain process is that the payment component is loaded after the customer. LiteCart needs to collect info before running the modules as the information depends on if the modules should display or not.
But if you change the order so the customer info is last?
Then you can't limit the modules to countries or zones and will not be able to calculate shipping costs to a destination. I suppose there is mostly a good reason for everything ;)
What you can do is remove the field for taxid / civic registration number and have the module injecting it into the order object. I'm not gonna recommend it or guide you there.

Or you can have the payment option output some jquery code that toggles visibility for the field.
Ok, there is never an easy way ;)
I let this go for now :D