Replace country with phone number

I bought dymo print module and it's great but I need some change like just to replace country and state/province with phone number

<?php echo functions::form_draw_textarea('address[]', functions::format_address($order->data['customer']['shipping_address']), 'style="width: 300px; height: 100px;"'); ?> 

What I need changed here to show me data from picture in attachments

Try something like:

$labeltext = $order->data['customer']['shipping_address']['company'] . PHP_EOL
 . $order->data['customer']['shipping_address']['firstname'] .' '. $order->data['customer']['shipping_address']['lastname'] . PHP_EOL
  . $order->data['customer']['shipping_address']['address1'] . PHP_EOL
  . $order->data['customer']['shipping_address']['postcode'] .' '. $order->data['customer']['shipping_address']['city'] . PHP_EOL
 . $order->data['customer']['phone'];

echo functions::form_draw_textarea('address[]', $labeltext, 'style="width: 300px; height: 100px;"');

I have not tested the code for syntax errors.
Great it works great thank you very much