No result using discount codes

The installation seems correct. I have followed the instructions.
Discount code appears but if I type the code for my test it changes nothing.
Can you help me
I have the latest version 1.37

Can you help me ?

Everything looks right. Try clearing the dates to make sure there is not trouble with date interpretation.
Is the order total module and the order success module installed properly?

Also make sure there are no errors logged in data/errors.log
I change to default template that was my first error.
Now I have the green ok or the red cross if code is good or bad but it doesn't change the amount and there is a problem in ajax I presume if i leave and come back to the check out all the information about the customer is lost

Now I use default template so it seem code discount doesn't work with 1.37 ?
If discount code is not enable (VQMODE) check out is ok

What do you think about that ?

I need an answer, I paid this add-on and I want to use it.
Does this add on compatible with 1.37 ?
Chromium, I apologize I have a full inbox currently and your forum notice was stacked among others.
Can you register a support ticket and I will solve this matter for you on site?