Discount Codes with LiteCart 2.0.2

something wrong with missing special form class that was before the update, and now clicking set just submits whole order. problem in file box_checkout_discount_code. Order Summary still doesnt show discount. This module should be really checked out since its really not working at all on 2.x. Best regards,
PLS if possible to check it out, Its really important module and not working. Thanks
I am having same issue it works and the code box turns green but doesn't discount the total i really need this for a sale i am starting tonight
I am guessing no one is monitoring these forums any longer! I am glad I wasted money on this add-on for nothing now cant even use it don't even off the download of the version I need for my lite cart!

I am sorry my notification of this thread was caught in the spam folder.

Have you installed the order total module along with the order success module?

There is not a success module showing anywhere 
My bad it's called order modules in 2.x. Have you installed the order module See Admin -> Modules -> Order.
Yes all modules have been installed as per the read me installation instructions that come with it 
Please register a support ticket and I will have this resolved on site for you.
i did 2 days ago for this exact issue and still nothing for it yet. i purchased this to offer a cyber sale for yesterday and of course no one is getting me help till today. so i basically wasted $50 on this!