Is this add-on working?

Do someone have the discount add on functionnal  ?
Yes, I don't know anyone up to date with any trouble.
So I bought this add on and it never works with v1.3
I try a new installation with V2 the last one and discount doesn't work too
If this addon does not work, do not sell it anymore
tim I have open a ticket. you must use Cpanel to access phpmyadmin

a new installation with only one product to use discount code

if you find the bug I will move all my products to this new installation .The other one was on litecart 1.37 but discount didn't work too.
Thank you, I could confirm an issue and have pathed your installation.
A new repacked update is also provided for other users to download.
HI I did a test. There is another bug. With % it is OK but with absolute value like 5 euros it does'nt work, you have only one discount per order not one discount per product 

absolute value
product1 price = 20€
product1 (5 € discount)

2 product1 (subtotal -5€)   = wrong I need 10€

product1 (25% discount)

2 product1 (subtotal -10) = correct I have 10€ discount

Can you check another time

I have rewritten this add-on back and fourth a couple of times because of different customer opinions. I have now looked at this last case of yours and I must say your point makes perfect sense, and the way the add-on operated for multiple products made no sense.

I have made changes to your installation. Please check them out.
Hi Tim, thank you very much I confirm all is ok, multiple items = multiple discounts, absolute value or %
subtotal is ok now even with items mixed (product with discount and product without discount)

Sorry for any trouble. You did the right thing reaching out. Thank you for providing login and valuable feedback without any hassle. The add-on has been updated with a fresh new download for others to grab.