Payment option

How to change to not get all payment info on in invoice,
I try to explain my problem.

I want the first "Klarna Checkout"
and take away "(Faktura, delbetalning, kort och direktbank.)"


Klarna Checkout (Faktura, delbetalning, kort och direktbank.)

I want the first "Förskottsinbetalning"

and take away "(En orderbekräftelse kommer skickas ut till"


Förskottsinbetalning (En orderbekräftelse kommer skickas ut till

Is it possible to do something to make this in file?
$pdf->Text(53, 90, $order->data['payment_option']['name']);
The payment_option['name'] is populated by module_name(option_name). As one payment module can have multiple payment options it is necessary to know which option was used.

Put the text "En orderbekräftelse kommer skickas ut till" in the module option description rather than the option name.

Otherwise you would have to preg_replace() the text.