Set charset Windows-1250?

I do not know how I FPDF set encoding windows-1250 (Central Europe)?? UTF-8 is not working with fpdf and library "tfpdf" is not working with php7.

Thank you for the advice.
Fact is, FPDF is built for Windows-1252 whereby UTF-8 is decoded to Windows-1252. You can play around with these lines in includes/classes/

     public function Text($x, $y, $txt) {
      $txt = mb_convert_encoding($txt, 'Windows-1252', language::$selected['charset']);
      //$txt = iconv($txt, language::$selected['charset'], 'Windows-1252');
      return parent::Text($x, $y, $txt);

Also make sure all your language properties and storage encoding are set to your desired charsets LiteCart.
So, I figured it out :)
The problem was that I use linux and windows-1250 encoding is not working. It must use ISO-8859-2 and then let it generate fonts with this encoding - then everything is working :)
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