Remove inline from text and use CSS

During the customization of the template, I usually manage to handle nicely everything from the theme.css. Some time ago I asked timint to consider re-arranging css the way, that I could implement the css changes in a stand-alone css. Right now I have to repeatedly tweak the theme.css to include my changes after each upgrade. Ok for now.

But, what I currently see as a biggest problem is that some css formating is inline directly in code. Not much, there it is.

$settings = unserialize(settings::get('store_template_catalog_settings'));

if (!empty($settings['fixed_header'])) {
echo '#header-wrapper { position: fixed !important; }' . PHP_EOL;
} else {
/*echo '#header-wrapper { position: absolute !important; box-shadow: none !important; background: none; }' . PHP_EOL;*/
/*echo '#page-wrapper { padding-top: 80px; }' . PHP_EOL;*/

It is found in and I believe it is non-systematic and force me to play with the code itself. I rather see the code to use some styles again defined in a custom css. Where I can tap it, change it and make it work with my shop design.

Could that work ?
The code is not necessary unless you wanna play with properties in admin. Removing it will just ignore your template configuration. Admin -> Appearance -> Configure

The reason we installed it inside the layout file is because we lose performance kicking a separate PHP process for the small amount of CSS, and we don't want to risk caching it.