Some CSS help please

I'm wondering if it is possible to do two things:

On the public catalog pages, is it possible to have the ""sort order"" set to ""name"" by default rather than by ""popularity""?

This would mean the products then appear on the page alphabetically rather than randomly.

Also, I have changed the css of my menu bar to have a black background - is it also possible for me to change the ""sort feature"" buttons (popularity, name, price,date) to match this? I can't find where the code for this would be.

Finally, please can you tell me where the ""customer service"" (send us a message) page is? I can't find this in any file folder and I would like to add some additional text to this page if at all possible.

Many thanks!

Ah! Found the CSS for the buttons - it is in the ""forms"" css!
For sorting. In the beginning of category.php:

** Find **

  if (empty($_GET['sort'])) $_GET['sort'] = 'popularity';

**Repalce with**

  if (empty($_GET['sort'])) $_GET['sort'] = 'name';


The css buttons can be found in template/styles/forms.css


The customer service page is ~/customer_service.php
I can't find the above string, neither category.php: how can I sort by name the public catalog page in my LiteCart 2.1.4 fresh install (on ?

Thank you