How Can I Migrate Store From WooCommerce

Hello folks I have create an Ecommerce store on woocommerce for fitness related products but due to some suggestion from other community experts I am planning to migrate my website from woocommerce to any other Ecommerce platform. I have seen couple of different options like magento and opencart but I am little confused because I need such platform which can migrate my existing products from woocommerce store. I am current using eStore free woocommerce themes with some other plugins like: YITH Infinite Scrolling and WooCommerce Currency Switcher. Is there any method we can convert the woocommerce store to litecart? Thanks in advance.
I wasn't sure if this was a spam post or real.

You can migrate data to LiteCart using Cart2cart or using CSV exports. Templates are platform specific, and so are extensions/plugins/addons.

Here is a poor article how to create a template.

May I ask if performance is the reason you are migrating from WooCommerce?
Thanks for your suggestion I will look into the guide and see which option suite me the best.
What is the reason why you are migrating from WooCommerce?
@baldwinjackson seems to be shy about the reasons. Well, I'm not. I'm leaving WooCommerce, because nowadays:
  • It's heavy, a resource eater. By the LC migrating I'm expecting to decrease power demands about 30 %, which might lead to one step lower web hotel package. A nice saving.
  • It's slow. The reason: It requires a hell of a pile of plugins, even on a small shop, to get the things really done.
  • It's shaky. Not what it used to be. They are constantly fixing what ain't broken. Mentioned plugin burden leads to collisions.
  • WC language system is a bad mess. A zillion PO files causes serious headache.

It used to be nice. Unfortunately, they forgot the old wisdom "small is beautiful". I hope LiteCart devs don't step on this trap.
I think WooComemrce is a very good eCommerce platform. Not sure why you don't want to use it anymore. I have used WooCommerce migration service provided by Next-Cart, they helped me a lot, great customer service. You should try them once.
@yesperd WooCommerce can be great until you build up data. Then it gets big performance issues. The coming LiteCart 2.2.0 with PHP 7.3 should be ridiculously fast. And if you wanna go faster look into MySQL 8 with utf8mb4 and NginX.

@max_yudin I don't think Next-Cart supports LiteCart yet. However Cart2Cart supports Litecart 1.x.

@baldwinjackson Most merchants use the CSV import tool for importing their data from other platforms.
For some smaller shops (i.e. 0-20 products with a few visitors daily) I use Woocommerce, because the site owners are usually craftsmen with little knowledge about IT stuff etc. They can easily add some products which are integrated into their general informational website easily. 

However, it changes when you have more products but also larger amounts of visitors.... I've seen Woocommerce on decent webhosting packages gone on its knees where Litecart, with more products and way more visitors at once stays up (and staying fast at it!).
@tim As I see Next-Cart supports the migration service at: LiteCart to WooCommerce migration. Cart2Cart is a good choice too, they currently support up to 80 eCommerce platforms. Some eCommerce platforms can only be found at Cart2Cart.
Next-Cart seems to support exporting "from LiteCart" but not "to LiteCart". Maybe they just need a first customer case to cover this.