I think this forum is your product too, isn't it? Could it be added as official add-on or in the Lite Cart core?
It is my product as well. :)

The forum is a pretty big make and it's based on Bootstrap. I wouldn't add it to the core as I want the core platform lightweight with all the basic features everyone needs.

I could wrap it into an add-on once LiteCart 2.0 is released (which is built upon Bootstrap). But the price for the add-on would be set higher than most other. Around $99-149. Would this still be of interest?
Price is always a relative term. If the online store has created community around itself, and needs the forum, $100 is not so high price. It all depends on the built-in functionality. For example: automatically create thread in forum when posting a new product to allow consumers to comment and return this thread back to the store with top rated comments as "comments"section.
It can be arranged. We just have to finish LiteCart 2.0 first.
V2 is already here. Any thoughts about releasing forum as add-on?
Hey dodo. I haven't changed my mind. I just need an opportunity and a plan.

The demand affects the price. So far not many have shown interest. And to maintain and provide support for just a few users is just unlikely.

What is a reasonable price level for you? I would say that for the price of $200 and at least 10 sales makes this thing reasonable to make.
Sorry for such a late reply. I was more interested in you first price offer for 99-149 range it I guess it would really depend on functionality. But again it means this would need to get that 10 pre-orders to start developing this?
@dodo Pre-orders would definately be a great thing. I wish there was a crowdfunding feature on this site.

I have one more customer interested in the forum but he is still on 1.x, scheduled to move over next year.

Could you tell me what forum features you require? Just a main forum with standalone forum categories. Or mini forums assigned to products?
Mini forums like these on add-ons sound great. I'm still interested to have this feature. Just put some price for this add-on and we can continue the discussion.
@dbelov I could make an add-on that creates a mini-forum for each product. Or I can create an add-on that creates a standard forum. Or I can make both.