Become a Hosting Partner

To become a hosting partner there are a few things on the wishlist.

  • We want to know your targeted country or region, e.g. ZA. This is also where you would run your machines.
  • A benchmark test of your shared hosting showing promising results (See
  • Industry standard services like Apache2, PHP 7+, MySQL 5.6+/MariaDB 10.2+.
  • An affiliate program or a way to report sales.
  • An option to get LiteCart preinstalled, either during signup or via a 1-click-install app in the control panel.
  • A hosted promo page e.g.
  • A banner and a discount code that gives users a better deal than the regular price e.g. litecart20 for 20% disount. E.g.
  • A great support team and a strong belief that you will give LiteCart users an excellent experience. =)