Multi Update Products - HTTP 404 - Not Found


Does anyone get this error (HTTP 404 - Not Found) when clicking multi update in admin ? I didn't notice it not working as I didn't use multi update for quite sometime, i dont know what causes this problem and everytime i click on multi update, my entire site can't load.. it also show that CPU usage is at near maximum in Cpanel 

Any idea ? Kindly let me know

Thank you and have a nice day :-)
Sorry for a late reply. I've been off duty a couple of days.

This is very odd. And your admin folder is admin123/ ?
When you hover over the navigation menu link for Multi-Update, what URLs is shown in the statusbar?

You are entiled to create a support ticket. Click here to begin.

May I ask if you signed up for A2 Hosting through LiteCart?
You had set the number of Data Table Rows per Page to 500 and it was way too heavy for your server to handle. The 404 probably came from a missing error page for the timed out operation.

Did you sign up for A2 Hosting through LiteCart?
Oic... multi update is working now...

I sign up with A2hosting first, then try all the the e-commerce that Softaculous have to offer, before deciding that Litecart suit me best, easy to use, flexible :-)

Thank you and have a nice day :-)