Importing/Exporting CSV?

I have use the inport/export function in the catalog and it used to work fine, but is there a limitation to amount of records that can be imported/ i now have about 3500 in catalog but it cant export them, there use to show a window where to put the file but thats gone,

I also noticed that the value "priority" dont written to the exported file in the right values 1,2,3,4 and so on.... In the exported file it come out as 0,0,0,0

And last question, If i delete values inte the csv-file, will it delete the same values in the db?

Any tips about these problems

Thank you for reporting. Here is the fix:

And no it will not delete those values. They will just not be processed.
Thanks Tim.
Is that fix also fix the problem with exporting to csv when you have a large amount of data? like 3500 and more in categories?

No, it only uses one instance of the reference and entity object so RAM should not be an issue. I opened up for you to create a support ticket in your other thread.