Iyzico payment module

İ need iyzico payment module. As a beginner for this platform i am searching wiki and forums to learn new things. But using for this awesome platform i think  i must support litecart buying something and share experience with other users. İ will everytime need this module. And many other users will need. İf you create this module i'll be first buyer and other people also can buy. 
iyzico doc page: 

Start by letting Iyzico know you would love a payment module. Many payment service providers create modules themselves.
so you closed the door to me :)
More like telling you to try save a lot of money. A payment module is usually around 15-40 hours work. I can write one if someone takes the development cost.
İ cant give price for your 15 hours maybe its priceles but like i said at the start i am ready to buy it. if its cost will be higher than other paymant modules please mail me. i think we will add that module together.)  
Is it the installment or card payment you are after?
yes it is. iyzico accepts all credit cards and installment. no need bank api and virtual pos. and a useless info, its very populer.
For card payments I recommend Stripe.
i sent mail to iyzico development department. they will create module but i dont know when :) i visited stripe website. they dont support Turkey.
When I needed a card payments and Stripe wasn't an option I did find Mollie. So far so good and there is a plugin for it already. Find out if they support Turkey and you are good to go.