A product which is the sum of other products ...


As many wrote already, I discovered the last 2 days LiteCart and I am overwhelmed by the product.

I have a question. Imagine that i have several individual products in the store (milk, flour, eggs,....)

Is it possible to have a "final" product (let's call it "pancake") which will "construct" the entire order. In my example : 1 liter of Milk, 6 eggs, 1kg of flour, etc...

Thanks a lot for your response.

You seems talking about what one call product's bundle.
As far I know they are working on it for further release...(not the 2.2, but I presume the 3.0)
That's correct. It's a feature I've also been waiting for. As far as I know there are other prioritys instead of this. 
In one case I solved this as product options. Let's say you create product "Pancake" and then 3 dropdowns with options available to choose quantity of: milk, flour, eggs.