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Fichiers et dossiers ~500 files
~80 folders
4 MB
~13,000 files
~4,700 folders
92 MB
~2,400 files
290 folders
21 MB
~ 1,000 files
100 folders
5 MB
~6,600 files
~978 folders
15,5 MB
How fast the platform runs.
Lightning Fast Turtle Slow Average Lightning Fast Average
Tables de la base de données
Where information is stored.
51 308 128 50 260
How translations are created/stored.
Inline code injections -> Database CSV file Multiple files Multiple files Multiple files
Charsets for foreign characters.
Any Any UTF-8 ISO-8859-1 UTF-8
Codes ISO
Reference codes by the International Standard Organisation.
Primary Primary Secondary Secondary Secondary
Unités Poids
Specify weight by different weight units.
Unités de longueur
Specify dimensions by different length units.
Unités de quantité
Custom quantity units (even decimals).
Chargement dynamique des composants
Prevents loading unnecessary components.
Options du Stock
Stock options from combined options e.g. Color: Black + Size: Medium.
Groupe de produits
Secondary categorizing of products. E.g. material, gender, product families.
Prix fixes par devise
Set separate prices per currency.
Règles fiscales distinctes
Separate tax rules for customer types. E.g. companies within the European Union with given VATIN.
Afficher les prix TTC
For countries required to display prices including tax.
Quantité de fichiers pour les modules
The number of files a module consists of, e.g. shipping, payment, order total etc.
1 file 7 files, 4 folders 18 files, 36 folders
+ language files
1 file
+ language files
3 files, 1 folder
+ language files
Module client
Modules for interacting with customer data.
Obtenir des modules d'adresse
Modules for automatically preseeding customer forms.
Module Commande
Automated actions for orders.
Modules d'expédition
Module based calculation of shipping costs during checkout.
Module de paiements
Module based payment functionality during checkout.
Module "Commande validée"
After order modules for e.g. reporting sales.
Module "Tâches"
Scheduled bakgrund jobs for e.g. currency updating, error reporting, inconsistency checking, product synchronization etc.
Options de paiement multiples
One payment module can return multiple methods.
Applications admin. Plug 'n Play
Packaging of scripts that can be easily installed by plug 'n play.
Frais d'expédition les moins chers pour le produit
Show the cheapest cost of shipping for a product.
Paramètres régionaux
Welcome screen that lets new guests immediately confirm/select currency, language and country.
Réécriture des liens pour le SEO
Automatically generated search engine friendly links
(requires apache mod_rewrite)
Manual Automatic
(requires apache mod_rewrite)
Type de commande
Type of method for checkout.
One Step Checkout One Page Checkout (Multiple Steps) One Page Checkout (Multiple Steps) Multiple Pages One Step Checkout
Éditeur de commandes
Create new or edit current orders in admin.
Moteur de recherche optimisé
Search Engine Optimized HTML code hierarchy.
Prix fixes par devise
Possibility to set separate prices per currency.
Importer/Exporter la traduction
Import or export translations for editing in external applications or transfer from/to other systems.
Importer/exporte produits
Import or export products for editing in external applications or transfer from/to other systems.
Impoter/Exporter Clients
Import or export customers for editing in external applications or transfer from/to other systems.
Importer/Exporter la traduction
Import or export translations for editing in external applications or transfer from/to other systems.
Cache application
Storing of frequently used data for quicker loading.
Cartographie relationnelle d'objet
Objects for reading/creating/editing data e.g. products, categories etc.
Objets de référence intelligents
Quick scalable one command loading of database data for e.g. products. Prevents loading unnecessary data.
Procéder sans compte.
Allow guests to checkout without an account.
Noyau système
Convenient system node model for the center of the platform.
Evénements système
Possibility of executing plugin code in different core events.
Easily swap between different design templates.
Robot filter
Vignettes d'images automatiques
Thumbnails for faster loading of web optimized graphical components.
Base de donnée Fournisseur
A set of suppliers that can be linked to products.
Statut de livraison
Separate delivery information per product.
Statut de rupture
Separate information and rules for sold out products.
Pages personnalisées
Create and edit custom information pages through admin.
Filtrer les traductions non traduites
Easily discover which translations remains untranslated for any selected language.
Traductions de secours
Display an alternative translation if a translation is missing for the current language.

Error Notices
Composants du système Plug 'n Play
Implement new functionality in the system through uploading of new system components.
Dimensions du produit
Support for product dimensions. Enables volume calculation for shipping.
Signalement automatique des erreurs
Report PHP errors via email.
Balise Doctype
HTML version.
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