Better Attributes Management

This mod, merges all those 3 concepts

  • "product groups",
  • "product options",
  • "product attributes"

into a single one :"attributes", based on the following idea: any product can have attributes, attributes can be either:

  • "Choosable" (an option)
  • "Not choosable" (a specification)

Both type can be part of "filtering" search (i.e. "product groups")


It adds the ability to edit/add products option groups/option values, on the fly while editing/adding a product using a popup, which is very useful against the current need of having correctly planned in advance the creation of all these parameters in the dedicated pages...

For this, I added 2 new "functions" types (to "select, checkbox, radio...") which are not displayed in the front-end but that are useful to compose, (and be treated as additional filters) the product's attributes as:

  • Specification: (not choosable, can be filtered), which is basically a unique set of paired "Name+Value"', but with the addition of being able to set the numerical value separately from the text + a "Quantity Unit" select box. E.g:

Power: 20 W 

  • Section: (can't be filtered) which takes the role of the "Title" in the formerly "product_attributes" field ("Motor" in the example bellow)

        Power: 20 W
        Energetic class: A
I also managed "security things", by "locking" against removal in the's popup, both "group" or "values" that are either used in DB's products_options_* or planned to be saved there after saving the product's edition (js).

If you manage a big catalog with a lot of different type of product e.g: clothes, furniture, cars, it may be uncomfortable in admin to see, let's says in "size" everything like this in the select field:

-Highest Class
-Middle class
Therefore I added the ability to define, if a option/value applies to any product, only a product or any  products in a category (+its sub)


This Zip contains a single xml file which should be Vqmod compliant, but you have work to do : everything is mentioned in a the top comment's section

Tags: attributes, options, groups, filters

Prijs: Free



Versie 2019-09-11 | Uploaded 11 Sep 2019 door michaelmo

Overeenkomende versies: 2.1.6
Het pakket kan met meerder versies verenigbaar zijn. Contacteer de houder van het pakket voor meer informatie.





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