LiteCart Software Box

Free e-commerce platform

LiteCart e-commerce platform built with PHP, jQuery and HTML 5.

Why choose LiteCart?

  • Easy to install
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy to modify
  • Unikalne cechy
  • Wysoka wydajność
  • Modern technology

LiteCart admin panel

Clean and simple admin panel. Streamlined for daily work procedures.

Why choose LiteCart?

  • Interfejs Użytkownika
  • Easy to navigate
  • Obniżona ilość kliknięć myszy
  • Plug 'n play admin apps
  • Modern interface

Backend Demo

LiteCart Admin
LiteCart Performance

LiteCart performance

LiteCart is fast - and we mean lightning fast! Accoarding to Pingdom LiteCart is faster than 99% of all websites in the world.

Moving to LiteCart

  • Faster page loading
  • Reduced server load
  • Zmniejszone zużycie przepustowości
  • Better SEO rank
  • Increased sales

Porównanie wydajności

LiteCart programming

Programming should be just as easy as using the admin panel.

$product = new ent_product();
$product->name['en'] = 'Rubber Duck';

That's it! We just created a product!

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LiteCart Syntax

Darmowa platforma sprzedażowa

LiteCart jest darmową platformą sprzedażową napisaną w PHP.

  • Innowacyjny
  • Prosty interfejs użytkownika
  • Wysoka wydajność
  • Szybkie zakupy
  • Przyjazdy dla wyszukiwarek
  • Przyjazdy w wersji mobilnej
  • Dodatki Plug 'n play
  • Kategorie i produkty bez limitów
  • Kody ISO
  • Multiple charset support
  • Fixed prices per currency
  • Pozyskaj moduły Adresowe
  • I wiele wiele więcej

Instaluj LiteCart

LiteCart can be obtained through any of the alternatives below:

LiteCart Software Box

Instalacja ręczna

Download LiteCart for a manual installation on your webserver. Apache 2, PHP 5.3+ and MySQL 5.5+ is required.
Softaculous Package

Automatyczna instalacja

Install LiteCart using Softaculous Auto Installer. Automatic upgrades are supported. Softaculous is also available on many web hosts world wide.
AMPPS Logotype

Instalacja lokalna

Install LiteCart on your desktop computer using AMPPS. A free software stack of Apache, Mysql, PHP, Perl, Python and Softaculous auto installer.

Przenieś dane do LiteCart

Moving data to LiteCart is simple using Cart2Cart. You can copy categories, products, manufacturers, customers, orders, and tax rates all at once starting at $49.

Szacowana kwota za kopiowanie danych

What movable data is supported?


What is your first impression of LiteCart?

The best e-commerce platform

LiteCart derives from many years experience using different e-commerce platforms. Working in the e-commerce industry we have year by year seen the same problematics in different clients. There was a mainstream demand but platforms needed modifications. Modifications can turn any free open source platform into a lot of work and expenses. We wanted to change all that. Not only did we want to create something that was adjusted to the demand. We wanted to build a completely new experience.

We asked ourselves, what is the best e-commerce solution? We came up with the facts simplicity, easy to use, easy to modify and lightweight but yet powerful. How could we combine all these?

LiteCart is the result of a lot of study and many ideas brought together. Where convenience in usability don't always go hand in hand with codability we try to keep both sides in mind when designing new features.

Join us on a continous journey making e-commerce a better place.