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I love the lightweight build and speed and find it very intuitive to use compared to other ecommerce software.
What a brilliant piece of software
Joe B
This is an awesome product
No other carts come near to the ease of use and functionality of LiteCart!
I'm enjoying this a lot.. I love the simplicity very much.
To be honest this is the best, robust, extendable, and customizable software which i ever worked with in commerce softwares.
Hamed Okhovvat
I just wanted to say thanks to Tim (the founder) for a great platform and his excellent support.
Rob Linderman
I wanna tell you how much i appreciate your amazing product
Thank you for the amazing software. Best e-commerce software I've used yet
I have found LiteCart to be straight forward to integrate with and use compared to other shopping carts that I have encountered.
J. Lugton – Nochex Dev Team
LiteCart has a great potential which needs to recognize in everywhere.
Hamed Okhovvat
When I found your product it changed my life.
Rob Linderman
Litecart is the best!
Miles Parenteau
I'm happy to found and tried your product, very GREAT product!
Runs smooth and lightning fast, it's almost ridiculous.
Johnny V
I am a great fan of LiteCart.
Your platform is so awesome and i'm actively working on it
Hamed Okhovvat
I am really impressed with your skill in this platform.
I liked LiteCart very much when I saw it
LiteCart is really an impressive platform
Kolyo Krastev
After trying many different scripts your product is the best!
Piotr Pozdrawiam
This is an incredibly nice e-commerce platform!
Jonas Isaac
I am enjoying every minute of this platform
Bernard Harrison
In one word: Fantastic!!
Thank you so much for bringing this awesome webapp.
Hamed Okhovvat
I love LiteCart due to it's features and simplicity
I really like this product!
Awesome piece of software!!
LiteCart is the best!
The cart works really very very well... I love it!
Elias Felluss
Litecart is a great system as it's simple and has a lot of flexibility.
Lovin it :-)
A product as good as those of the industry top dogs
Hi guys, just a little word to say i love your code skills... fast engine!
Frederick Lemaitre
I just discovered Litecart and I already love it
I can't believe how small the code base is for so much functionality
I love Litecart. I can't imagine why anyone would not like it :)