To read in detail how Coinify works, please visit This addon makes your LiteCart shop and Coinify talk with each other, so your customers can make purchases with for example Bitcoins and other digital currencies, like Litecoins.

The addon is by default in English, but the .zip package contains Swedish and Finnish translations as .csv files. Those can easily be uploaded to LiteCart.

Besides language files, the addon comes with a vQmod that adds a special button to such Edit Order pages where Coinify was used as a payment method. By clicking that button you can review what the status of that specific order is: has the expected sum arrived wholly, partially or not at all?

How to get an API key and secret?

Log in to your Coinify Merchant account's, then click "Integration tools", then "Api keys" and finally under the heading "Generate new API key" tick the boxes "Read invoices", "Create new invoices" and "Update existing invoices", and then hit the button "Generate new API key".

How to get the IPN Secret?

That too is located in the Coinify account, and can be found from "Instant Payment Notification" page.

Couple important notes

  1. It seems that currently minimum amount Coinify accepts is 1 EUR/USD.
  2. One of the screenshots in this addon's description page lists all available payment methods: that's the ideal situation, but in practice many other currencies besides the original Bitcoin, like Startcoin or Mastercoin, are not enabled. (Coinify reserves the right to enable/disable currencies as it wants.)

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[+] Coinify

Version 1.1 | Uppladdad 13 Jun 2018 av kuopassa

This is an update to Coinify addon for LiteCart 2.1.1.

Kompatibla versioner: 2.1.1
Paketet kan vara kompatibelt med fler versioner än noterat. Kontakta skaparen för mer information.

[+] Coinify for Litecart

Version 1.0 | Uppladdad 27 Dec 2017 av kuopassa

First version of this addon.

Kompatibla versioner: 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2
Paketet kan vara kompatibelt med fler versioner än noterat. Kontakta skaparen för mer information.






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