YOB | Your Own Bank

YOB is an secure, fast and easy to use virtual bank Add-on for litecart!
Short and precise infos for customers and an all in one Management System for Admins come with YOB. 

Special Features:
  • Choose an own Name for your Bank
  • Full Transparency over your Data!
  • Dynamic like litecart by itself

We pay easier!


  • Security

  1. base64 encoded Data => No raw written Money Data!
  2. Double Safed User Info => Against illegal orders
  3. Confirmation Status => Let an Supporter check orders (if needed)
  4. Auto Error Mail => Get User Data of users that tried illegaly orders


  • Usability

  1. Easy Account creation => Never write again any Customer Data, we does it all with one click!
  2. Clear UMS => See all your customers in one list and change their Ammounts as needed (More ways in future versions)
  3. Dynamic Management => Control your Bank easier with included JS and CSS
  4. Full flexibility with features you'll ever need for your own bank!


Tested and optimized on heart and kidneys!

  • Developer
  • Felix B. | Germany | Trainee for computer science |❤ programming


More Infos coming soon...


We checked our product from top to bottom, but ...

( ! ) We assume no liability for problems and errors of any kind ( ! )

Even if this leads to the loss of data.


Version 1.0

Taggar: Bank, Virtual, Secure, base64, easy, to, use

Pris: Gratis

Private Development


[+] YOB | Basic-Bank

Version 1.0 | Uppladdad 17 Jun 2018 av felix

Create Virtual Bank Accounts with Your Own Bank!

Kompatibla versioner: 2.1.1
Paketet kan vara kompatibelt med fler versioner än noterat. Kontakta skaparen för mer information.







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