Doesn't work on lite cart 2.1

It shows order statuses but won't change them after selecting one.
And there is no message of error or success.
Here is code I can't find error

if (!empty($_POST['set_order_status'])) {
    if (!empty($_POST['orders'])) {
      foreach ($_POST['orders'] as $order_id) {
        $order = new ctrl_order($order_id);
        $order->data['order_status_id'] = $_POST['order_status_id'];
      notices::add('success', language::translate('success_changes_saved', 'Changes saved'));
    } else {
      notices::$data['errors'][] = language::translate('error_must_select_orders', 'You must select orders to perform the operation');
I uploaded an update I had on the hard drive. :) Try now
Thank you very much. Works fine