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En utvecklingsversion kan innehålla fixar eller förbättringar på master versioner. Men den kan också innehålla nya brister och fel. Läs utgivningsmeddelandet av nedladdningen vad den innehåller. Ha i åtanke att en utvecklingsversion kan ändras/uppdateras innan den överförs till master.

  • [+] LiteCart 2.2.0-dev (Build 5bb242) Ladda ner

    ! Invert currency rates
    ! Old attributes feature renamed to Technical Data
    ! Product Groups rewritten in favour of new feature called Attributes w/ customizable category filters
    + Added .js map files
    + 3rd party autoloader (e.g. Composer)
    + Ability to turn off email delivery
    + Add ability to update customer data during validation
    + Add customer country_code to js environment parameters
    + Add customer last host to database
    + Add Customer Service to site menu
    + Add email field and indexes for lc_users
    + Add email to form function list
    + Add email to user profile
    + Add featherlight.min.js map file
    + Add option to hide sold out products from listing
    + Add button preset icon OK
    + Add button preset icon: Send
    + Add some DOM order data to the success page
    + Add sku to data attributes
    + Add support for CC and BCC in email composer
    + Add tooltip to Recently Viewed Products
    + Add webfonts to .htaccess cache directive
    + Allow customer modules to validate customer details when visitor creates account
    + Allow pages to be docked under another page
    + Allow plus character in email addresses (e.g. user+site@domain.ext)
    + Allow replacing fields with sanitized output in mod_customer::validate()
    + Create a conventional parameter holding old entity data
    + Default from date in order filter
    + Data table sorting
    + Don't redirect on Let's Encrypt SSL renewal
    + Dragable data-table rows
    + Element parameter support for select options
    + Featherlight max-width
    + form_draw_select_multiple_field()
    + Grab sku, mpn, gtin for listing
    + Include host in error log
    + Keep alive in admin
    + Keep track of when each background job was last pushed, and pass it to job module
    + Log HTTP Referer
    + Log last login date, ip and browser agent for customers
    + Log user agent and domain in order
    + Make sure HTTPS is not enabled before redirecting to https://
    + Mark incoming orders as unread
    + Multiple images in category
    + New page for displaying order with sidebar for content
    + Order reference
    + Option to append missing translations during import
    + Option to avoid URL rewrite
    + Order status keywords (Handy for add-ons to identify order status types)
    + Panel wrapper for admin content
    + Pass old customer data to update() event (if present)
    + Reinstate box_categories
    + Save extend order item information (gtin, taric, dimensions)
    + Semi enabled currency and language
    + Shipping Tracking URL
    + Show warnings for inactive products in admin
    + Support 3rd party autoloader (e.g. Composer)
    + Support Do Not Track (DNT)
    + Throw a warning upon unknown sort method
    + Trim database input
    + Update package.json
    + vQmod test tool
    + Validate input to data controller object before loading
    * Adapt to PHP password_hash() - Fixes issue #159
    * Add mysql table alias for better compatibility with add-ons
    * Add set weight in upgrade patch
    * Add white gradient background to price wrapper (fixes overlapping)
    * Adjust reference for category path, descendants, children
    * Adjust upgrade patch creating indexes for lc_users and adjust email length
    * Adjust when cookies are stored and don't store them longer than 3 months
    * Adjustments to account pages
    * Adjustments to page reference object
    * Adjustments to product groups matching (OR instead of AND)
    * Assure descending reference objects have same language
    * Better compatibility with add-ons for Scustomers_query
    * Better defined array for better compatibility with add-ons
    * Break listing product into two separate files
    * Change how external configs are included, and leave backwards compatibility
    * Change how sessions are handled for shipping and payment
    * Consistify length, weight, volume libraries
    * Currency field to number input field instead of text
    * Display cart badge instead of text
    * Define array elements and default values
    * Define whitespace characters to trim
    * Empty codes upon clone
    * Fix auto-detect CSV delimiter
    * Fix clear cache by keyword
    * Fix copyright notice
    * Fix date_created, date_updated needed reloading to be set in object
    * Fix default language for country Norway
    * Fix draw list of shipping and payment modules
    * Fix DOM resources extraction
    * Fix filter modules
    * Fix ISO 3166-1 numeric
    * Fix issue #139 - Conditional language prefix causing warning in PHP 7.2
    * Fix issue from faulty merged branches
    * Fix issue with PHP 7.2 - INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 is deprecated
    * Fix idn_to_utf8() missing parameter INTL_IDNA
    * Fix JSON serialize float precision issue in PHP 7.1+
    * Fix language when exporting pages to CSV
    * Fix manufacturer logotype
    * Fix mobile grid width for admin panel
    * Fix navbar form min-width
    * Fix newsletter checkbox not reinserting value
    * Fix windows paths in error handler
    * Fix Trumbowyg removing div wrappers
    * Fix use defined database link instead of default
    * Fix validate current password
    * Fix vQmod issue with PHP 7.3
    * Hide language or currency if there is only one option
    * Honor the page reference object
    * Image wrapper to css framework .thumbnail
    * Improve error messages
    * Inherit language when cross referencing page
    * Inherit language when cross referencing products
    * Inline functions to anonymous functions
    * Left align content on success page
    * Load structure from database instead of defined variables
    * Minor adjustments
    * Minor adjustments
    * Move bot trap to beginning of HTML body
    * Move cookie notice to top
    * New item editor for edit order
    * Only output hreflang if more than one language
    * Option to decline cookies
    * Optimize tax rates query
    * Output full URL for external files e.g. images
    * Preserve language when cross linking categories
    * Remove redundant parameter
    * Remove redundant parenthesis group in MySQL query
    * Rename date_blocked, date_expires to date_valid_from, date_valid_to
    * Rename upgrade patches
    * Replace cache id with cache token
    * Replace listing item hover effect with CSS scale
    * Replace str_replace with preg_replace for exact matching
    * Restore support for identifying mod_rewrite on FastCGI
    * Rewrite CSV functions - prevent failing on unstable arrays
    * Run static Fontawesome icons through draw_fonticon()
    * Save customers last ip, hostname, and login date
    * Separate AND clause in catalog_products_query() to catalog_products_search_query()
    * Separate HTTP request log per domain
    * Separate views per product listing type
    * Separate logic from HTML in admin panel
    * Show detected PHP version
    * Standalone customer picker using form_draw_customer_field()
    * Store customer last ip, host and agent after creating account
    * Store shipping and payment module data in order
    * Store snippets in cache rather than capturing output, and replace c-
    * Support both versions before and after PHP 7.3
    * Throw error if failed decoding CSV
    * Throw Exceptions in entity objects instead of errors
    * Trim preceding and trailing whitespace for CSV string
    * Turn off bad URL access detection by default
    * Unique function names
    * Update Trumbowyg 2.11.1
    * Upgrade jQuery 3.3.1
    * Upgrade normalize.css to v8.0.0
    * Upgrade jQuery 3.4.1
    * Upgrade vQmod 2.6.4
    * Use Exceptions for login
    * Use industry standard format for X-mailer
    * Use mb_parse_str instead of parse_str
    * Use require() instead of require_once() for best performance
    * Use indexed fulltext searches in MySQL (as unindexed boolean mode gave troubles with InnoDB)
    * Order checksum to Public Key
    - Deprecate old fonticon syntax "fa "
    - Don't return job output while pushed as we now can rely on logs
    - Remove definition for removed file
    - Remove a bunch of deprecated features
    - Remove duplicate notices snippet as already present in
    - Remove Google Maps customer module now requiring an API key
    - Remove mysql input sanitizing for date('Y-m-d H:i:s')
    - Remove obsolete form function smallinput
    - Remove orphan directory definition
    - Remove orphan method
    - Remove redundant code
    - Remove shadow
    - Remove site menu iterator and limit to one level of dropdowns
    - Remove support in general_escape_js for HTML attributes, as it has never been used
    - Remove unused function form_draw_protected_form()
    - Remove orphan settings key seo_links_enabled

    Upgraders, see for instructions.

    Released 19 feb 2019 | Updated 8 okt 2019


  • [+] LiteCart 2.1.6 Ladda ner

    This is a minor update for everyone's best convenience mainly targeting some MySQL/MariaDB configurations and installations running on PHP 7.2 or 7.3.

    Upgraders see for instructions.

    Utgiven 11 mar 2019
  • [+] LiteCart 2.1.5 Ladda ner

    + Support 3rd party autoloader (e.g. Composer)
    + Allow plus character in email addresses (e.g. user+site@domain.ext)
    * Adjust when cookies are stored and don't store them longer than 3 months
    * Don't send emails with empty body
    * Empty product code, sku, gtin, mpn upon clone product
    * Fix address format external link
    * Fix auto complete issue (caused by iPhone Safari)
    * Fix default language for country Norway
    * Fix navbar form min-width
    * Fix JSON serialize float precision issue in PHP 7.1+
    * Fix ISO 3166-1 numeric while editing country
    * Fix PHP 7.2 notice on product page
    * Fix issue copying translations sometimes halted
    * Fix issue #139 - Conditional language prefix causing warning in PHP 7.2
    * Fix vQmod issue with PHP 7.3
    * Preserve language when cross referencing products and categories
    * Restore support for identifying mod_rewrite on FastCGI

    Upgraders see for instructions.

    Utgiven 30 jan 2019
  • [+] LiteCart 2.1.4 Ladda ner

    + Check if DOCUMENT_ROOT is faulty before installing
    + Make country number (ISO 3166-1 numeric) editable
    + Support multi-level dropdowns
    + Reinstate Trumbowyg lists
    * Recommend minimum PHP version 7.1 instead of 5.5
    * Recommend minimum MySQL version 5.6 instead of 5.5
    * Fix issue in template settings
    * Fix identify rewrite support through mod_env
    * Fix align issue in checkout when using a logotype by low height
    * Send header Content-Length even for GET operations as required by some servers
    * Don't display the language prefix in the URL if only one language is enabled in the system
    * Fix issue #135 - Checkout sometimes falsely says the email address is missing
    * Fix issue where monthly sales report did not obey limiting to a date in the middle of a month
    * Fix issue where Monthly Sales Report held duplicate orders in the calculation if ot_shipping_fee had produced two or more order total rows.
    * Fix php notice where database returned a null value for amount
    * Fix issue manufacturer description in session language
    * Fix navbar dropdown width
    * Fix grid column width in mobile view
    * Fix language parameter in rewritten links
    * Remove default country for zone in function() - Already set by form_draw_zones_list()
    * Remove automatic maintenance mode if install folder is present - Not always wishful
    * Fix trumbowyg z-index
    * Fix issue where js confirm dialog did not show in some browsers
    * Adjust product groups where clause in listing filtering
    * Notify visitor that blacklisting could be caused by router infected with malware
    * Fade carousel edges on hover
    * Hide column left and show instead subcategory items in mobile view
    * Set cache rather than recording output - solves issue where Also purchased products box was accidentally cached
    * Fix validate current password
    * Reconstruct stats
    * Fix shipping, payment option margin in mobile devices
    - Remove currency updater as service was terminated

    And minor fixes and adjustments.
    Upgraders see how to upgrade.

    Utgiven 18 sep 2018
  • [+] LiteCart 2.1.3 Ladda ner

    ! Verify that uploaded vQmods have valid xml and vQmod content
    * Fix issue #123 - Could not pick Argentinian timezones
    * Fix issue #126 - Delete vqmods
    * Fix issue #127 and consistify cart mysql syntax
    * Fix form_draw_pages_list()
    * Fix issue set dock on inital category creation
    * Fix undefined variable (Pull request #121)
    * Fix issue where custom routes could not have CAPITAL letters
    * Extend meta_description to 512 characters
    * Change navbar-toggle color to menu text color
    * Better descriptive newsletter checkbox
    * Trim email address for sender and recipient
    + Disallow AhrefsBot in robots.txt
    - Remove flags for non-official countries
    - Remove option to update currency rates as service terminated by vendor (

    And minor adjustments. Upgraders see how to upgrade.

    Utgiven 16 jun 2018
  • [+] LiteCart 2.1.2 Ladda ner

    ! Fix issue #119 - not_found.log vulnerability
    + Table hover
    + Add frontend backend endpoints to translations search filter
    + Add notification to warn that email_send() will be deprecated
    + Restore .list-group as used by ajax search results. (Previously removed)
    + Add new class .form-control-static
    + Display date and IP address of order in edit_order
    + Redirect www to non-www example code
    + Add User-Agent to http_client as required by some services (Paypal, Fortnox)
    + Add polyfill for getallheaders()
    + AU installation patch
    - Do not precheck newsletter checkbox
    - Remove initial scale for viewport
    - Remove invalid autoload definition
    * Allow 4 decimals for weight and dimensions
    * Fix default language for Åland Islands
    * Fix empty keywords and product groups created an array object with an empty string
    * Fix external link to Fontawesome 4.7 icons
    * Fix framework events on ajax content
    * Fix hidden decimals on auto_decimals
    * Fix issue #115 (Hide password in settings)
    * Fix password checksum while changing email
    * Fix issue with translate() using multiple languages
    * Set shipping address as default tax address_type
    * Store last job log in database

    And some minor adjustments and improvements.

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Utgiven 14 maj 2018
  • [+] LiteCart 2.1.1 Ladda ner

    + Add endpoint (frontend/backend) to optional cache dependencies
    + Filter orders by date period
    + Show account links on customer service pages
    + Show text "No matching results" upon no search results
    + Method for IDN decoding
    + Log last HTTP request
    * Adjust HTTP 404 / 410 content
    * Adjust graph colors
    * Always output a result when Error Reporter runs
    * CSS framework for printable components rewritten to support multiple pages
    * Don't open a modal window for sign in link on mobiles
    * Fix 404 page title and description
    * Fix CSV auto detect delimiter
    * Fix account links styling
    * Fix backend detection in routing system
    * Fix currency issue when adding products to order
    * Fix display Root for preselected category id 0
    * Fix follow redirect in HTTP Client
    * Fix http response code
    * Fix missing database setting key for preinstalled module Error Reporter
    * Fix packing slip displaying no content
    * Fix recipient spelled wrong
    * Fix regex error upon empty search string
    * Fix sender mistaken for recipient
    * Fix show defined dates
    * Fix site menu cache causing Sign In link to be cached
    * Fix statistics: Monthly average number of orders
    * Fix use of deprecated function in Google Maps
    * Hide shipping/payment option description on error
    * Language system node rewritten for performance gain
    * Move cache_clear_thumnails setting key to Images group
    * Only show breadcrumbs if more than one is present
    * Separate navigation.less into nav.less and navbar.less
    * Sort translations by modification date instead of creation date
    * Unset uncompatible sql mode ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY
    * Update error reporter to use new email component
    * Upgrade jQuery 3.3.1
    - Hide sidebar on login page for mobile
    - Remove nav-default, nav-primary variants as we are only using one
    - Remove navbar-default as we only have one navbar theme --> navbar
    - Remove panels.less from catalog template (we are not using it)

    And some minor adjustments and improvements.

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Utgiven 6 mar 2018
  • [+] LiteCart 2.1 Ladda ner

    + Netherlands installation path
    + Add product id, sku, and gtin to JSON schema
    + Add japanese language icon
    + Reinstate tabs or product page
    + Add product_groups to CSV
    + Bootstrap Collapse.js
    + Bootstrap Carousel
    + Bootstrap Dropdown
    + Support for vqmod in maintenance mode page
    + Add support for grunt watch
    + New email composer
    + Support for delivering email via SMTP
    + Regional function fields
    + Select-wrapper
    + WYSIWYG field support for form_draw_function()
    + Require window width for lightboxes
    + Check if account is disabled during checkout
    + Manufacturer Part Number
    + Support several HTTP methods in HTTP Client (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE/...)
    + Display recently viewed products in Manufacturer page
    + Compact Category Tree and ability to toggle on/off
    + Trumbowyg table plugin
    + Trumbowyg SCSS & Grunt compiler
    + Support uploading slides images in SVG format
    + Add time() to defined functions
    + Display email in list of customers

    * Update Google Maps to use HTTP Client
    * Don't save a log if a job module was passive
    * Site menu rewritten for Bootstrap Navbar
    * Use short description for product modal
    * Facelift edit_category
    * Separate menu items by type into different variable sets
    * Hide sidebar when printing an admin page
    * Set num recently viewed products by default to 4
    * Don't rely on FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL as proven faulty
    * Set footer link indexes to their respective resource id
    * Support subfolders in routing system
    * Rewrite Google Maps - Get Address to use JSON instead of XML
    * Upgrade to Featherlight 1.7.9 (LiteCart Edition)
    * Reconstructed category tree
    * Adjustments to printable order copy
    * Require a device-width viewport of 1600px for admin panel
    * General adjustments to maintain an overall consistency of coding
    * Make recently viewed products hidden on mobile
    * Make subcategory boxes hidden on mobile
    * Replace demo product images with jpg versions (771 kb -> 86.5 kb)
    * Update list of bad URLs
    * Higher precision for currency conversion by 6 decimals rather than 4.

    * Fix postcode formate for Netherlands
    * Fix HTML in email notification
    * Fix strftime('%P') on Windows and Mac
    * Fix notice if all shipping options contains an error
    * Fix an issue with customer details during checkout
    * Fix product_groups in reference object
    * Fix formtarget for order actions
    * Fix frontend UI glitch at 640px width
    * Fix toggle buttons
    * Fix set guest order upon delete customer
    * Fix problem with Windows paths in lib_route
    * Fix billing country in printable order copy
    * Fix do not show cookie acceptance if is disabled
    * Fix trailing blank page while printing
    * Fix default category id when editing product
    * Fix unset MySQL strict
    * Fix sitemap encoding
    * Fix cart PHP notice upon an invalid option
    * Fix could not delete translations
    * Fix issue where cart::$total somtimes passes a non-rounded number with hidden decimals

    - Remove collapsable from column left
    - Remove IE9 support (html5shiv, respond)
    - Remove account links from column left
    - Remove jQuery Cookie Plugin
    - Remove ResponsiveSlides
    - Remove draw_printable_copy() and draw_printable_packing_slip()
    - Remove payment transaction info from packing slip
    - Remove support for multilevel categories in navbar as generally bad practise and low performing
    - Remove Trumbowyg base64 plugin as extremely unstable
    - Remove orphan table lc_addresses

    And several minor adjustments and improvements.

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Utgiven 19 jan 2018
  • [+] LiteCart 2.0.2 Ladda ner

    * Fix PHP warning in similar products when no matched products
    * Fix maintenance mode
    * Include self in hreflangs
    * Fix GetAddress change event fired upon keyup
    * Fix backtrace debug in error_handler and adjustments
    * Fix json warning when installing new modules.
    * Fix order copy email and notifications
    * Visual adjustments to box_product
    * Send store order copy in store language
    * Resolve URL /en as alias for /en/
    * Fix set previously hidden order comments to active
    * Fix GB postcode regexp
    * Fix cheapest shipping
    * Fix search product id
    * Fix options input/textarea default text
    * Fix problem with shipping module
    * Improve how code, gtin and sku are matched during search
    * Set order customer as guest when deleting customer account
    * Hide sort buttons if there are no products
    * Minor adjustments and improvements
    + Lithuanian language flag
    + Add support for supplier name when importing CSV
    - Remove United States territories from list of states

    See how to upgrade.

    Utgiven 4 jul 2017
  • [+] LiteCart 2.0.1 Ladda ner

    + Add more charset options to csv tool
    + Add supplier_id to CSV import/export
    * Fix issue disabling sidebar parallax effect
    * Fix issues with add product when editing order
    * Fix Featherlight issue with missing event
    * Fix order comments height on mobile devices
    * Fix category not translated in product URL
    * Fix search page sometimes returns 0 matches
    * Fix syntax leading to an error in lib_cart
    * Fix sort by price in product listing
    * Fix order module method actions()
    * Fix attributes on product page
    * Fix fatal errors on PHP 5.3
    * Upgrade jQuery 3.2.1
    * Minor adsjustments

    Big thank you to everyone for reporting issues and providing feedback.

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Utgiven 5 maj 2017
  • [+] LiteCart 2.0 Ladda ner

    Next generation LiteCart platform. A completely rewritten UI using a lightweight Bootstrap compatible CSS framework, a new checkout, some new features, and several components rewritten and improved.

    * New logotype
    * Changed License to CC BY-ND 4.0
    * Upgrade jQuery 3.1.1
    * Upgrade Fontawesome 4.7.0
    * Substituted some raster graphics to SVG
    * Upgrade Responsiveslides 1.55
    * Upgrade vQmod 2.6.1 compatibility and optimizations
    * Reference model rewritten
    * Reference objects rewritten
    * Change initiate/load behavior of ctrl_order
    * Module system rewritten
    * Admin template completely rewritten for new CSS framework
    * Catalog template completely rewritten for new CSS framework
    * Cart rewritten
    * Fix edit order currency value problem. Showed 3 decimals instead of 4.
    * Order Status Update Email Notification reconstructed
    * Fix tax ID formats
    + Normalize 5.0.0
    + Chartist 0.10.0
    + Featherlight 1.7.0 (Forked and rewritten for LiteCart)
    + Bootstrap compatible lightweight CSS framework using CSS Flexbox technology
    + Trim thumbnail space
    + Minified/uglified CSS compiled from LESS
    + Minified/uglified JS
    + Product page in a lightbox
    + Parallax scroll effect for sidebar
    + Country Reference Object
    + New Checkout
    + Add support for Foundation, Glyphicons and Ionicons (CDN) in draw_fonticon()
    + Order modules
    + Reset Password reconstructed
    + Slide captions per language
    + LESS sources
    + New product picker when editing order
    + Bad URLs detection
    + Interlaced thumbnails (optional)
    + Shipping phone
    + Add country Montenegro
    + Category Image Clipping Method
    + Supplier code
    + Pages CSV Import/Export
    - Removed jQuery Migrate
    - Removed Fancybox
    - Removed Select2 (Too heavyweight for such small benefit)
    - Removed jqPlot
    - Removed support for Internet Explorer 9 and older.
    - Removed functions deprecated in LiteCart 1.x
    - Remove support for old PHP mysql Extension (Not supported in PHP 7)
    - Order action modules (moved moved to Order modules)
    - Order success modules (moved moved to Order modules)
    - Customer mobile removed as not used

    See for upgrade instructions.

    Utgiven 17 apr 2017

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