Update product price by code

Hey, I'm having a problem with this code.
I would like to use LiteCart way to create products
$product = new ctrl_product();
$product->data['name']['en'] = 'Rubber Duck';
$product->data['price']['USD'] = 9.95;
Everything works great except price I'm trying to set price in Bosnian Marks

I tried
$product->data['price'][USD'] = 9.95;
$product->data['price'][BAM'] = 9.95;

How to check why it's not working or is there any other soultion to try this?

Your code looks right. Have you added BAM as a currency in Admin -> Currencies?

To check if it's working go to Admin -> Catalog -> Edit Product and you should see your new values.

Edit: It's $product->data['prices']. See ctrl_product.inc.php.
My mistake sorry didn't check in ctrl_products.inc.php I just copy paste it from the forum.
Works fine just needed to change price to prices 
 Thanks TIM